Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mark Funkhouser for Mayor

Ingrid and I are supporting Mark Funkhouser for Mayor of Kansas City in the February 27th election.

To find out more about Funkhouser his website is - catchy huh?

He has a clear vision of what Kansas City should be. He is not afraid to speak up and and answer questions. That is a refreshing change from most politicians. Ingrid really likes the fact that he is not afraid to talk about Kansas City Schools. He actually will talk about the fact that education is critical to a liveable city. I like the idea that he is not hesitant to say that TIF is broken and must be fixed.

I also like the idea that Funk is doing a fundraiser down at Knuckleheads. That is a blues bar that is in the East Bottoms about a mile from our house. That event is set for Friday, February 23rd. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet him informally.

John & Ingrid